multi-user text game/environment, in typescript
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"zdani" is a lojban word that refers to home.

This zdani is a server that runs a multi-user text game/environment, similar to a MUD (or MUCK or MUSH or MOO), or an Interactive Fiction with multiple real-time players.

under construction

This is very much a work in progress.

Defend your dependencies


  • teilz - scripting language
  • - inbound connections
  • ssh2 - inbound connections
  • pino, pino-pretty - logging
  • ballvalve - async iterators
  • argon2 - password hashing

Used for the user interface:

  • antsy - xterm codes and drawing primitives
  • microfugue - TUI framework

Used by xance for command-line parsing and text diffing:

  • commander
  • fast-diff