a tiny embeddable scripting language
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Teilz (pronounced "tails") is a tiny embeddable scripting language, written in typescript, and created primarily to support the zdani text game. It stands for "terrifically easy instruction language for zdani".


There are only a few built-in types: Boolean, Number, String, and Array. You may add more using the API.

Code is strongly but implicitly typed. Each expression and statement has a type which is checked at parse time, but you don't usually declare them. For example, the condition of an "if" expression must be Boolean.

Infix expressions are supported with the usual precedence, and are translated into messages (method calls).

Detailed syntax

Constants are true, false for Boolean, any digits for Number, and any string in quotes (like "this") for String.





Apache 2 (open-source) license, included in 'LICENSE.txt'.

Credit and blame: Robey Pointer robey@lag.net