40 Commits (main)

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Robey 51f8e53c46 new yeri 12 months ago
Robey 9c373e91de typos 1 year ago
Robey d5d7eb82b6 2.0.2 1 year ago
Robey ef627977f8 also fix graph link 1 year ago
Robey 426cb555c6 2.0.1 1 year ago
Robey 4cd238e53d fix links 1 year ago
Robey ac8f24dd74 2.0.0 1 year ago
Robey 2ae6eca875 tweak wording 1 year ago
Robey 742d7449fa post a link to the demo 1 year ago
Robey 7890fb2bcc try to make the demo visible 1 year ago
Robey b79a4b81e8 add a little demo 1 year ago
Robey cdc5309ce3 update yeri to actual released version 1 year ago
Robey 78f02fc2d4 tweak some dead code. update the readme. 1 year ago
Robey ca75ccf78e add config for turning on/off the highlight & tooltip. turn the tooltip into a template with base css that can be overridden. use a reddish background color if the rrd failed to fetch. 1 year ago
Robey 3f9ab524a4 log fetch timings and allow the timeout to be configured 1 year ago
Robey 4fad06c3fe switch from dygraph to yeri for the graphing library 1 year ago
Robey 9ede01b1c5 move /site to /public 1 year ago
Robey 745f64bbbe 1.1.0 2 years ago
Robey 66f2fd5cf5 better farnsworth demo 2 years ago
Robey 39c5b9c70e fix y labels 2 years ago
Robey 5d18254f43 fix new typescript errors 2 years ago
Robey 889bf4e189 upgrade deps 2 years ago
Robey 4fdc581e2c clarify slightly. 5 years ago
Robey d50bbe5641 make image bigger. 5 years ago
Robey 9989d5e2cc why can't i size the image? 5 years ago
Robey 38bc530fb4 hm why didn't that work? 5 years ago
Robey 7f05d9ad3f make the image less ginormous. 5 years ago
Robey a4b062d1b4 add demo graph pic. 5 years ago
Robey c9694ffc59 add a real readme. 5 years ago
Robey f96fea5f85 make attributes work in either netgraph or netgraph-group. 5 years ago
Robey 776596ca15 remove rrdtail. 5 years ago
Robey 582db838b7 rename a bunch of things. 5 years ago
Robey 34eecc73ea add more options. 5 years ago
Robey 0d5bf832e8 remove unused csv code. 5 years ago
Robey 60b7b67834 fix vertical scale on un-zoom. 5 years ago
Robey 168aa2e52f use rrd for the data. 5 years ago
Robey cfc5ef11e6 ok, fine, here's an rrd parser. 5 years ago
Robey 83ae94b699 add a readme and rrdtail. 5 years ago
Robey 64f14e05d0 first draft: make netgraph site out of csv files. 5 years ago
Robey c634e9484f start. 5 years ago